Falling in Love...with crepes

Everyone seems to ask how we came up with the idea to bring my favorite Italian treats to Kansas City. It was all about falling in love...

Finding My Origin

In 2017, I left the US for the first time and traveled to Sicily to see my family's origins. Before I left, a good friend told me how much I would love Italy; that I would fall in love 1000 times; and if I didn't get my heart broken at least twice, then I didn't really live it! And he was 100% right! I fell in love with everything: the food, the culture, the coffee, the people... What was supposed to be just a 6-day visit to see the church where my great-grandparents were married, turned into 30 days of indulging my senses as never before. One of my favorite cuisines, strangely, turned out to be a spicy salami crepe, cooked to crispy perfection by a sweet and funny Sicilian man named Peppe. Peppe would joke with me and say "my crepes can stand on their own," because they were served hand-held, rather than as a floppy pancake on a plate. I loved it! And there was nothing like it where I was from. Thus, an idea was born...

Over the next 2 years, dreams were

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