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Savory Crepes

Not a floppy pancake on a plate; our crepes stand on their own, making them the perfect hand-held street-food treat. la Siciliana: spicy salami complemented with provolone, roma tomato, arugula and finished off with oregano il Classico: rosemary prosciutto topped with mozzarella, lettuce, and drizzled with garlic & olive oil aioli la Marina: tuna with pesto, sprinkled with freshly grated grana padano parmesan i Bambini: turkey with a simple pairing of provolone, olive oil & oregano

Sweet Crepes

Not a floppy pancake on a plate; our crepes stand on their own, making them the perfect hand-held street-food treat. il Cannolo: sweet Ragusan ricotta cream and nutella, topped with chopped pistachios and powdered sugar Tutti Pazzi: nutella spread with chopped hazelnuts Tireme Su: coffee-infused tiramisu creme sprinkled with cacao

Italian Sodas

16oz hand-crafted, Italian style soda, made to order from the following flavor choices: blue raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, orange, peach, vanilla, lemon, coconut

Rotating Sweets

Did you know we import our cannoli shells and cream directly from Risiu cheesemaker in Ragusa Sicily, the origin of cannoli? We promise it's unlike any cannoli you've had in KC, and maybe even in the US! Traditional Cannoli: authentic sweet ricotta cannoli cream & shells imported from Risiu cheesemaker in Ragusa Sicily Biscotti (by the dozen): a variety of homemade family recipes of Italian “wedding” cookies Cioccolato di Turco {10-12 pieces}: known in Sicily as "chocolate salami", this rich chocolate dessert mimics the look of salami by mixing cacao, sugar and sweet cookies, coated in powder sugar Modica Chocolate {sample pack}: 7 mini bars of cold-pressed chocolate containing ONLY cacao, sugar, and flavoring. ZERO milk or other additives; imported from Sfizi Golosi in Modica, Sicily Sicilian Almonds: cacao-covered almonds; imported from Crescente in Ragusa Sicily Coffee (by the cup or buy the bag): 100% Arabica, full-bodied, bold, yet sweet and delicate taste; Imported from Pellini Roasters in Italy

Cose Da Mangiare

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Dove Sai


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